Join the club

How to join the club:

First, attend a few meetings as a guest. See if you like the people and the format. The first three meetings are free (then we ask you to join!).

Then just tell us you want to join. Since you’re already an experienced Toastmaster (see the requirement below), you already know joining a new club is incredibly easy.


To be determined.

Membership requirement:

All members must have finished the Competent Communicator (“CC”) program. The “CC” is what you get when you do the first 10 speeches.

Why? Because our club isn’t about learning the basic Toastmasters skills. It’s about learning how to bring them to the virtual world.

The basic Toastmasters training teaches you a lot about how to make a personal touch when you’re face-to-face, and we want to ensure all our members have gone through that basic training before experimenting with a virtual platform.

Of course, if you’re a professional speaker and you’ve been doing this for years outside of Toastmasters, we’re open to waiving the “CC” requirement for you. But in general, the “CC” requirement ensures our members already have a grounding in the basics of speechcraft.