About our club

Virtual Toastmasters was chartered on MONTH DATE, YEAR.

Our club is not an online alternative to attending traditional, face-to-face Toastmasters meetings.

Instead, it is about taking the skills we learn in those face-to-face Toastmasters meetings, and learning how to apply them in a virtual environment.

Who should join? Experienced Toastmasters who want to experiment and learn how to make a personal connection when presenting in webinars, conference calls, and other virtual platforms.

Yes, we “log in” to the meetings, and sometimes some of our members even attend while sitting alone at their kitchen tables. That might sound pretty disconnected, pretty un-Toastmasters.

But the point of our club is to figure out how to overcome that disconnectedness, reaching out to your audience and making the virtual platform come alive like those face-to-face Toastmasters meetings do.