Presenting virtually is a challenge all its own

There are no eyes to make contact with, only a blinking green light.

You are in Los Angeles.  Your audience members are spread around the world.

You know a few of them, because you’ve worked together for years.  But others, you barely even recognize their names.  

A few people are complaining because their internet connections are slow. Other people can’t get your webinar software to work on their computers.  

You were trying to drive home a point, but your cat just knocked over an expensive vase, and now you’re distracted, but no one else is.

Presenting online is tough.  Our club is dedicated to learning how to do it well.  

We take the same lessons we’ve learned elsewhere in Toastmasters — how to connect with your audience, how to convey passion, how to deal with interruptions — and practice applying them to the virtual world.